Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale! (And 200 Followers!!!)

Hey beauties! As you all may (or may not) know Ashley Tisdale recently released a makeup line with Bh Cosmetics. Her makeup line includes 2 palettes, lip glosses, cream cheek and lip tints, highlighters, and body bronzers. Even more recently, the collection has been released at Tilly’s! One thing you guys probably don’t know about me is that I absolutely love shopping at Tilly’s. So when I discovered that Bh Cosmetics were going to begin selling their products at Tilly’s, I immediately wanted to get over there.


There are currently 2 palettes in the makeup line: The Beach Goddess Palette and the Night Goddess Palette, which both retail at $18. The palette I purchased is the Beach Goddess palette. The Beach Goddess is a 12 color eye and cheek collection and seems perfect for everyday looks. Nine of the shades are eyeshadows, one is a bronzer, one is a highlighter, and one is a blush. The shades range from shimmer, mattes, and metallics. The packaging is very sleek, made out of cardboard, and closes together with magnets. It’s printed with cute pink stripes and has a stroke of gold at the top left. The size of the palette is actually pretty small but I’ve found that it’s perfect for on the go. I’ve watched many tutorials from beauty gurus and even from Ashley Tisdale herself and I’m very excited to try this palette out. I have included pictures from the website and photos of my own swatches down below!

Up top is the blush at the bottom named Bermuda, the bronzer in the middle named Seychelles, and the highlighter at the top named St. Lucia. (for anyone wondering, no I didn’t just buy this palette because the highlighter has my name in it 😉 lol)

Above, the top row of eye shadows are pictured. From bottom to top they are named as followed: St. Barts, Maui, Fiji, Belize, and Barbados.

Above, the bottom row of shadows are pictured. From bottom to top the shades are named as followed: Tahiti, Aruba, Cabo, and Bora Bora.

The second and final product I bought was a lip gloss. There are 6 shades available, including nudes, pinks, and fuchsia. I picked up the shade “Skinny Dipping,” a rosy mauve type shade. I personally think this shade is beautiful and there is a tiny hint of glitter in it. The only downside I found for this lipgloss is that when you first apply it, it is a bit sticky and the applicator is a bit flimsy. I haven’t worn this lip gloss for a full day so the stickiness might just be something that goes away after some time. It comes in a clear sleek tube with a white and gold applicator wand. Below are photos of swatching and packaging.

The last thing I wanted to talk to you guys was…(drumroll please)…WE MADE IT TO 200 FOLLOWERS!!! I honestly can’t believe we are already at 200 and I would like to thank everyone for getting me here. I would never be here if it weren’t for you guys. Thank you all for reading my posts and for the constant support that you beauties give me! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and stick around for more posts to come! Like always, any feedback and comments are welcomed. Love you beauties xoxo


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