Bh Cosmetics-36 pc Ultimate Brush Set

Hey guys! Today I decided to share my brush collection with you guys, which consists of the Bh Cosmetics, 36 pc Ultimate Brush Set. Before I purchased this set in June, the only makeup brushes that I had were a small set that I bought from Walmart. Lately since I’ve been more obsessed with makeup, I really wanted to buy a set that included all the essentials. I researched many sets including some from Morphe, Real Techniques, E.L.F., and Wet and Wild. I didn’t really find what I was looking for until I went on the  Bh Cosmetics website.

Bh has many beautiful brush sets and by reading their reviews, you can tell they are all great quality. As soon as I found the 36 pc brush set I fell in love and knew that this set would have all the brushes I needed. The brush set was on sale for $25 and plus shipping, I only paid around $30-$35! With this price you basically pay less than a dollar per brush!  I then ordered it and received it about 5 days later. All the brushes came individually wrapped in plastic and the larger brushes had a thicker plastic cap on their bristles. They all came in a faux-leather case with a silver clasp. When I first opened the package, the brushes had a bit of a factory smell. I didn’t really mind this though because the scent faded after leaving the case out open for a bit. The brushes had just a bit of fallout but I would recommend washing them before  use to get out any loose bristles (which I didn’t do but should have). Overall these brushes are GREAT  for the price that you pay and blend out flawlessly. Below are pictures of the brushes as well as additional reviews about them.

As pictured above, the brushes came in a black faux-leather case and the bigger face brushes towards the right came with plastic coverings on the bristles. I decided to remove the brushes from the case and put them in mason jars for easier access. The case is very nice and it would be great for traveling.

I LOVE the fan brushes that come in the set. I mean who wouldn’t want a giant fan brush for applying highlighter? The face brushes are also great quality and blend out beautifully. From left to right, there is a powder brush, contour brush, duo fiber stippling brush, angled blush brush, small blush brush, and foundation brush.

Above are different eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyebrow brushes. My favorite eyeshadow brush is the blending brush cause it blends out so well! To know what each brush is specifically for I would recommend going to the website that I linked at the bottom of the page.


The only teeny tiny thing that seemed “abnormal” about these brushes was that all the brushes had a reddish brown tint on the bristle… except these three. Now I have no idea why they did this but it honestly didn’t bother me that much.

Overall, I think these brushes were a great buy and are perfect for beginners, experts, or for those who just enjoy doing their makeup! They are great quality and each brush can be used dynamically. The website provides information on each specific brush and I would definitely recommend going over there and reading others peoples reviews as well.  Click here to visit the website.

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you enjoy this post. Any feedback is appreciated. Love you beauties xoxo


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